Need to take your marketing to the next level?

CMO Consultant sets your marketing on efficiency rails

Our experienced CMO consultants will join your team to create efficient marketing systems, develop the internal processes, and train your staff to maintain the system. Groundbreaking results without the scary costs.

CMO Consultant
CMO consultant

A marketing system that works

You will get a data-driven marketing system based on customer understanding and best practices in your niche.

You will have clear processes and a working automated system covering all stages of the sales funnel. From leads acquisition to boosting word of mouth from your happy customers.

Previous Experience

CMO Consultants get your marketing to do its job

What can we do for you?

Develop a strategy

You will know what you need to do with your marketing and why will it bring results.

Leads acquisition system

We will get qualifying leads for your business using relevant channels: content, ads, outreach, etc.

Improve conversions

We’ll use all the necessary marketing bells and whistles to turn your website visitors into paying customers

Ensure retention

We’ll walk all the way with your customers, from onboarding to ongoing engagement, to make sure they want to stay with you

Boost the word of mouth

A happy customer can bring their peers onboard, already having a trust credit. They will do it themselves, with a bit of help of ours.

Keep the budget optimal

Every dollar of our customers’ matters. We do detailed research to learn from the mistakes of others and suggest campaigns that will work.

We get asked often:

The price depends on the scope of work and speed you want to get results. The cost starts at $2,460/month for 8 hours/week.

There are no retainer fees. You are free to cancel our services at any time. Before we start, we will agree on the planned scope and timing of work. We will document each milestone upon completion. Thus, you will be able to take over at any time.

You may cancel at any time, no questions asked.

It will depend on the nature of your business, the availability of data, and learnings from your previous marketing work. The standard approach is to start with market research and action plan development, which usually takes 2 weeks.

The duration will depend on the starting point and the objectives. It may be as little as two weeks if you want us to develop the strategy and handle the execution in-house. It usually takes about six months to develop an efficient marketing system from scratch. We may stay with you long term to maintain your marketing and prepare future product launches.

Our CMO Consultants are marketing generalists and can do most of the work themselves. Still, to save the client’s budget, we can delegate the specific tasks (design, ads set up, blog copywriting, etc.) to our trusted narrow-field specialists, who charge less per hour. The CMO Consultant will focus on strategic tasks, remain accountable for the end result, and will recruit and manage the narrow field specialists without the involvement of the client.

Our CMO Consultants are C-level specialists. They can work autonomously. They will need the client’s invlolvement during the onboarding process. During the ongoing work, the client decides how much do they want to be involved.

Who needs a CMO Consultant?

You run a startup that is about to launch or scale. You don’t have the time or in-house expertise to run marketing. You don’t need a full-time CMO yet.

You want to make your existing marketing function more efficient, data-driven, and process-grounded.